The Wives of Westminster#TWOW

What does it mean to be a wife of a politician in modern-day Britain?


How can we talk about gender equality, career choices, our personal goals, children, fashion, the mind, body, and spirit from a standpoint of empowerment?

My Morning Routine

Morning Routine

Lately, everyone is asking me how do I go about my day? And how do I manage to juggle my baby, singing, the TWOW, and a semblance of family life? I share my morning routine that I believe helps me to have a healthy balanced life

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Workspace Inspiration You Will LOVE

work spaces

Looking for workspace inspiration? Look no more. If you are a female entrepreneur starting out, renting a workspace is something that can create a big cost and place a burden on your list of monthly expenses. Setting up a creative corner or a room at your home can help you do some great work. A…

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Just Because We Have Female MPs It Does Not Mean That The Fight For Gender Equality Is Over

gender equality

Amid the political contest of who will be the new Prime Minister, almost all candidates are pulling the F word out of their sleeve. The Feminist. I sat down for a straightforward conversation with Dr. Miroslav Baros, a Senior Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, to talk about feminism and in what ways The Wives of Westminster project can help improve the role of women in today’s society.

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It Is Not Too Late To Donate To Baby Banks

baby banks

I would like to say a big thank you to the charities that provide baby banks across the UK. They enable mothers under financial pressure to get peace of mind and access a support system that can give them a little room to breathe until they get their bearings.

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My White House Diary

Nevena Bridgen is at the White House, chronicling on this historic American election 2020. I am on my way to the White House, which is surrounded by barricades. The young security guy welcomes me in. This time last year they weren’t that pleasant. What’s changed?  I go through the security check, and while I am…

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The Power Of A Fresh Start

Oh, to be in England now that April’s there. —Robert Browning As someone who was born in April, I simply adore this time of the year. Nature awakens, the first real sunshine appears and everyone feels a little happier with themselves and everything around them. For me, April always had the force of a fresh…

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The Wives of Westminster#TWOW

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