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14 Ways To Connect To Nature


Image from / Jeremy Bishop

Connect to nature to connect to yourself.

Immersing  yourself in nature can make you feel rejuvenated, productive and more appreciative.It can be also beneficial for mind clarity and new life perspective that can even surprise you.

Spending time in nature definitely contributes to our overall  well being and we should plan our days and lives around it more. London is thankfully a city with so many wonderful parks, gardens and green spaces around that are easily accessible.Not to even mention UK’s beautiful country side.

The fastest way to connect to nature even in a busy day at work, is to take a lunch break in the nearest park or even better have a picnic on the grass.It is much better to spend an hour of your lunch break surrounded by nature than being in the supermarkets in an impossible queues stressing out will you be back to office in time.

Instead sit on the grass and recharge your batteries. But there are also many other ways that you can connect with nature and enjoy that relaxing energy that nature gives unconditionally. Here are some of them

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