Boris Johnson Sold Us Lies As Truth

The UK is at a political inflection point.

I am sitting at the terrace of the UK Parliament watching Prime Minster Boris Johnson clinging onto power despite all the falsehood he has told the nation, despite all the pleadings made by his colleagues for him to leave with dignity. I am looking at the actions of a man who’s undermining the foundations of the British democracy by not vacating No.10 immediately. 

My husband, MP Andrew Bridgen, was one of the first politicians to support Boris Johnson for the party leadership. He believed in him. We, as a family, believed in him.

I was privy when Johnson would be calling my husband five times on the phone to ask him for support. My husband was one of the leaders of Brexit. When Johnson came to his constituency, he knew that Brexit was the people’s will. 

Boris Johnson sold us lies as truth.

I am seeing what goes behind the scenes while history is being made, and I wonder, how did Boris Johnson’s cabinet members let him to go this far and allow his grab for power over the country?

Boris Johnson, the leader who was asked to leave, dared to fire Michael Gove after he told him to resign. Johnson is vindictive, and he has not left yet. 

“Leave means Leave,” I hear my husband saying into a TV camera. Leave means Leave if you have a prime minister who respects the democratic principles and is not asking to stay in power a little bit longer while the country plunges into uncertainty. 

Nevena and Andrew Bridgen

I grew up in a dictatorship under Milosevic, where the leader did not want to step down and did not comply with the people’s will for him to relinquish power. Boris Johnson is acting as if he was elected President, whereas, in reality, the UK does not have a presidency. Johnson was elected by his members of Parliament and only serves as prime minister. That is a big difference.

It’s high hypocrisy for Johnson to say he supports Ukraine while we watch his party trying to convince him to let go of power as if we were “banana republic.”

As a wife of a politician and a first-generation immigrant, I want to see the next Prime Minister of the UK making democracy work. I want to see a leader who won’t tell lies on a loop. I want to see a leader who inspires the world, acts in the nation’s interest, and does not operate like Cosa Nostra. 

Boris Johnson is a charismatic politician, the one who makes you believe in his lies. I do not want for myself and any parent to be in a position to explain to their children why the holder of the highest office in the nation can keep telling lies and stay in power.

Moral integrity matters in politics. Truth matters. Democracy matters. 

Boris Johnson sold us lies for the truth. 

What’s going to happen next? Are we going to see now those who defended the indefensible, who enabled Johnson’s failure of moral leadership, stand for election as our next Prime Minster and tell Britain how they can lead us? 

This cannot happen. 

Boris Johnson is intelligent and charming. He is also the one who crashed down people’s belief in him and in politics. 

Boris wants absolute loyalty. 

The prime minister has built a personality cult around himself and has been surrounded by genital grabbers, liars, and cheaters. The UK has always been considered a shining light of Western democracy, safe home of hope in the European continent.

Enough is enough. We must preserve British democracy and uphold integrity and trust in politics. We must be clear about what is true and what is a lie. That’s the country I want my son to grow up in. 

Nevena Bridgen


Nevena Bridgen is the Founder of The Wives of Westminster. She is an opera singer and a wife of MP Andrew Bridgen.

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