Boris Johnson Sold Us Lies As Truth

Moral integrity matters in politics. Truth matters. Democracy matters.Boris Johnson sold us lies for the truth.

My White House Diary

Nevena Bridgen is at the White House, chronicling on this historic American election 2020. I am on my way to the White House, which is surrounded by barricades. The young security guy…

Nevena Bridgen at the White House

Postcard From The White House By Nevena Bridgen

24 hours before the historic 2020 election, political spouse, and the founder of the Wives of Westminster, Nevena Bridgen is taking you behind-the-scenes of the White House.

My Hustings Diary With Boris Johnson

It has been fascinating to observe the whole leadership contest on and off the stage.This is my minute-to-minute hustings diary.

Nevena Bridgen visiting Theresa May

What I Think About A Resignation Of Theresa May

The phones in the House of Bridgen were ringing around the clock and everyone wanted to hear when and if the premiership of Theresa May had come to an end.