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Do It Like Kyla Itsines

Photo: Curtesy of Kyla Itsines

I came across Kyla Itsines, a truly amazing fitness instructor through Jelena, the wife of tennis great Novak Djokovic. Yes, he is Serbian like me! Jelena recommended to my sister and me, the Kayla Intestine book as a perfect fitness regime she turned to after her first pregnancy.

When I opened Kyla’s e-book, I saw the pictures of a series of exercises that on a first glance,  looked very simple. Ok, this will be an easy peasy bottox squeeze, I got this! Oh my God! To my surprise, it was not easy at all.

The fitness regime is split into four different types of exercises that you need to do for 7 minutes, then rest for 30 seconds and do the other set of 4 exercises for 7 minutes.

There are no weights to start with, you will just be using the weight of your body. Although it felt really hard, I decided to stay on the track and do it every time a bit better and suddenly, after a few sessions, it did become much easier.

If you really want visible results relatively quickly, results that you can measure, Kyla’s regime is the way to go. I am telling you, in a few weeks of doing this program three times a week, you will be very proud of your body.

To encourage your progress, there is a whole community on Instagram and through the Kayla Itsines app, that is building you up, so what you need is just will power and a 45 minutes of your time. The rest will fall in place.

If you add a sensible eating plan to your workout regime, cut on sugar or find the replacements to stop your cravings, kick out the unhealthy crisps, (  a note to myself), visible results will be there in two to three weeks.

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