My White House Diary

Nevena Bridgen is at the White House, chronicling on this historic American election 2020.

I am on my way to the White House, which is surrounded by barricades. The young security guy welcomes me in. This time last year they weren’t that pleasant. What’s changed? 

I go through the security check, and while I am waiting to be escorted into the White House grounds, I am looking at this world-famous beautiful white building that is really so white in the sunshine, it really justifies its name. It looks monumental and communicates luxury, elegance, and power.

This house was the home of so many American Presidents, and the current President Trump and the First Lady Melania Trump will be here again this evening, election night hosting around 400 hundred guests. Their original plan was to host the party in the Trump hotel in D.C but because of the pandemic and the restrictions, the guests will be arriving in the White House after quick covid testing at the entrance. How is all this is going to be organised we will see.

While I am walking through the White House campus all the cameramen and journalists media tents are already erected and ready to report live as events unfold. But nothing is really happening yet.The setting reminds me a lot of Parliament green, the place where all the British and foreign media report from when something really important is happening in the U.K. Parliament. I guess some of those same people are also here today.

President Trump is not here yet, he is still on his final election rally tour across the country catching up with last minute campaigning opportunities he missed due to his infection with Covid.

Nevena Bridgen at the White House
Nevena Bridgen

I have a chance to speak to some of the CNN film crew  asking about their predictions for the election result, but no one is sure.The only thing they are sure about is that they are “fighting against fascism” they tell me.

If you speak with the guys from Fox TV , they would tell you that they are” fighting hard core left extremism and corruption.”

It is very hard to tell in the currently heavily polarised America who is right? Are there any undecided voters out there? It is 24 hours until we know the verdict of the American people as to who they want as their next President, and even then we might not know for certain what the result is.

In D.C Biden’s support is highly visible. Is this going to be the same as the Brexit scenario? Where the capital city votes one way and the rest of the country another?

It is all left to be seen as the votes are counted. Stay tuned! 

Nevena Bridgen


Nevena Bridgen is the Founder of The Wives of Westminster. She is an opera singer and a wife of MP Andrew Bridgen.

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