Nevena Bridgen: I witnessed Rishi’s integrity, kindness and hospitality myself. It feels good to be on the right side of history 

I am very proud that Britain now got a prime minister from an immigrant family, an Indian family celebrating Diwali.

Although many tried to discredit Rishi Sunak because he comes from money, that’s actually a very positive thing, as he earned his money himself.

Don’t judge the man by his shoes, even if it’s Prada!

Rishi can spend his money as he wants and still be in touch with people as he did when he talked to North West Leicestershire residents and small business owners this past summer. He has an excellent education, something his parents gave him by making huge sacrifices themselves.

Nevena Bridgen, Rishi Sunak, Andrew Bridgen

We have a family at No.10 that made history. They represent modern Britain, which will encourage everyone from minority backgrounds to know that if you work hard, you can achieve the highest office in the land. Rishi has opened the doors for so many new generations following his path of success.

I witnessed Rishi’s integrity, kindness and hospitality during the summer campaign when my husband supported him. Even though he lost that leadership election, he made a “Thank You” drinks reception at The Cinnamon Club, where he invited all the people who were part of his campaign. 

25/10/2022. London, United Kingdom. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak arrives at No10 Downing Street. 10 Downing Street. Picture by Simon Walker/ No 10 Downing Street

Rishi was a gracious host and gave an optimistic speech that sounded like we were the ones celebrating victory. He took the loss with dignity. In the end, the right things happen to the right people when it’s time.

Now it’s time for Britain to have a prime minister who will put his expertise and hardworking winning spirit in motion for the nation’s interest.

I only regret that the Queen did not live long enough to see her first Hindu prime minister make history. The world is ready for Rishi. As we were, already. It feels good to be on the right side of history.

Nevena Bridgen


Nevena Bridgen is the Founder of The Wives of Westminster. She is an opera singer and a wife of MP Andrew Bridgen.

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