Quit The Things That No Longer Hold Meaning For You


The least of things with a meaning is worth more in life than

the greatest of things without it.

—Carl Jung—

Sometimes, the most difficult thing is to quit. We live in a culture that equates quitting with failure. However, quitting is necessary, especially with regard to things that no longer hold meaning for our lives.

The way I grew up, and the way my character developed is to never quit. No matter how hard the situation is, I am hard-wired to try again, change the approach and stay committed to whatever project or the journey I’ve started.

This approach to never give in is great for natural born fighters. It is a life philosphy that gives you the strength to achieve. One that makes you unstoppable and resilient. It is a way of being and there is nothing wrong with it. It works. 

However, what if the things we are so committed to achieving are not serving our lives anymore? How can we quit after all this time of invested effort without feeling like complete failures? 

It is hard for a super achiever to deal with this concept but in life, you learn that sometimes it is not only actually okay to quit, but it is also the best option. It’s beneficial because by quitting, you are allowing yourself to stay on your true path and refocus to new priorities.

Giving yourself permission to quit teaches you to remain in the positive lane and to stay committed to yourself on a bigger and grander scale. It is a very daunting feeling to give in if you invested yourself into something over the years, and suddenly feel like you need to change direction. But sometimes there is only one way out of it.

How to know it is time to quit?

Trust yourself and your own instincts. By recognizing that the effort you were making is not taking you in the right direction and is actually counterproductive for you, you will know it’s the time to call it a day and to let go. 

In order for me to quit, I first make sure that I’ve tried absolutely everything in my power to make things work the way I need them to be. The way it was expected for them to be.

If the energy I am putting into something (effort, time, love, money, etc), is not giving me the result, and I find myself actually stuck, it is time to make a very different decision and change direction. It’s time to make the decision to quit and let go.

Letting go doesn’t always mean only letting go of projects, or things we like to do in our lives. 

Sometimes, to quit also means to let go of people who don’t contribute to our lives anymore.

How about quitting toxicity?

Toxic friendships that stuck with you over years but lost every possible meaning to you and to your life fall under the same “I Quit” category.

To be clear, I am not suggesting to get rid of friends just because you don’t agree with them. If you had a little fall out that can be easily resolved with a conversation. What I am suggesting is to see objectively who are the people who are not contributing to your life, who are making your life harder or poorer.

Quit the so-called friendships that make you feel smaller and less visible than you actually are. Friends who don’t make you feel good about yourself are not real friends at all.

Listen, we only have this one life we know about. Why spend our time on this planet, on people and things that are not making us feel good about ourselves? On people, who are toxic and not enjoyable to be around? 

By quitting on toxicity, people and places and all the things that do not bring you joy or add to your happiness, you are saying hello to the life that is functioning for you.

Sing the song “Let It Go” if you have to, but make sure you quit everything that no longer holds meaning for your life. 

What’s on your “I Quit” list? Share the things you are quitting today with #TWOW 

Nevena Bridgen


Nevena Bridgen is the Founder of The Wives of Westminster. She is an opera singer and a wife of MP Andrew Bridgen.

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