The Wives Of Westminster Project Is Reaching Out For Equality

When I decided to start The Wives of Westminster project, I was clear on my intention:  to create a genuine, digital space where I can seek answers to my own questions and share my thoughts by opening a conversation about the role of a modern wife of a politician.

Behind politicians are spouses and families and we all go through the trials of our husbands’ job and whether we want it or not, we are part of it; it is expected that we are involved in some way.

I  would like to explore what that role of a modern wife of a politician is, to what extent a woman should be present in the husband’s political life. 

Is she going to be a pretty face at events who nods in agreement, or is she going to be allowed to express herself freely and be respected for it?

nevena bridgen

The Wives of Westminster project is reaching out for equality. I took the leap to start publishing content in a public forum because I believe in having a global conversation as opposed to just a private conversation behind closed doors. I believe that today’s culture requires this type of conversation to rethink the role of a modern wife of a politician.

What I am trying to do here is to have a conversation that everyone is welcomed to join. The #TWOW is not as a single-minded forum, but rather inclusive and all-encompassing of all wives of politicians across the political spectrum as well as extending to all women of Britain and the wider world.

Nevena Bridgen


Nevena Bridgen is the Founder of The Wives of Westminster. She is an opera singer and a wife of MP Andrew Bridgen.

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