TWOW’s PlayBook Of Fabulous

#TWOW’s Playbook of Fabulous brings you recommendations for what to do this week. 


Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists

If you loved Pretty Little Liars, then you definitely must watch the spin-off, The Perfectionist. I know, I know, we do not have it yet in the UK, but with a good old VPN connection, you won’t be too late to the binge party in the U.S.


The Glass Piano

The Glass Piano is a new production to The Coronet Theatre. Based on a true story, Alix Sobler’s play will take you to a 19th century Bavaria. Filled with dry humor, this play tells the story about Alexandria, the Bavarian princess who believed that she had swallowed a glass piano


Media Networks

If you are interested in the impact of mass media on society, walk up to Tate Modern to explore how artists have responded to emerging technology over time. The exhibit is on level 4 east and here’s the best part: free entry! Pay attention to an incredible ‘tower of incomprehension’, an installation entitled Babel 2001 by Cildo Meireles


Relax on Hampstead Heath

Whether you want to spend a relaxing day on Parliament Hill flying kites, or you want to swim in one of the ponds, Hampstead Heath is always a wonderful escape.


The Savoy

“A lot of hard work is hidden behind nice things”, said Ralph Lauren. If you are working out of a coffee shop and need a change of scenery, head to The American bar at The Savoy. While this retro bar is known for legendary cocktails and Churchill’s parties, you can come here in the morning, order a delicious hot drink and catch up on your work and emails.

Nevena Bridgen


Nevena Bridgen is the Founder of The Wives of Westminster. She is an opera singer and a wife of MP Andrew Bridgen.

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