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What is it to be a politician’s wife in modern day Britain and in these times of the political turbulence?


Dear Reader,

I am Nevena Bridgen, an opera singer. I’m a new a mom to a baby boy named Blake-Perun and a wife to a Conservative member of the UK Parliament, Andrew Bridgen. That would characterize me as the wife of a politician, not a very popular profession nowadays some would say. Others would say it’s a privilege to serve the country, assuming you are in politics for the right reasons.

Prior to my marriage to Andrew,  I was not engaged with the world of politics or politicians in any other capacity, aside from my vocation as an artist who would perform, on occasion, for official government and diplomatic events. When I got married to a member of the British Parliament, I found myself living a different role than what I experienced as an opera singer.

The role of the wife of a politician today is, to say the least,

a fascinating endeavor.  

Who Are The Wives of Westminster?

Nevena Bridgen, Founder of #TWOW

My intention and drive are to discover what it means to be a Wife of Westminster in the 21st century.

—Nevena Bridgen—

What does it mean to be a wife today, a wife of a politician? What does it mean to be part of the Westminster family? What does it mean to be a family today? Is marriage sustainable under the political turbulence our husbands are undergoing irrespective of party affiliation or is the family a factor of stability? How can we achieve a work-life balance and make informed choices for a good, meaningful, happy life? How can we talk about gender equality, equal pay, career choices, our personal goals, children, fashion, the mind, body, and spirit with a kind-sprited intention and from a standpoint of empowerment?

Together, we will discuss the challenges and topics we are all experiencing as women, wives, mothers and working women of Britain.

The community of the Wives of Westminster is a community that has a lot to say and to share with the world. It is about making a difference by creating a meaningful life we desire by inspiring others to do the same.

Recently, I’ve started to wonder about other woman, political wives out there. What are they experiencing? How are they coping with daily challenges? Can we be friends? Can we be friends across party lines? Who makes these rules? Who are we today as wives, mothers and/or professional women?

What is it to be a politician’s wife in modern day Britain and in these times of the political turbulence? In times of steep divisions not only in British society but across the world.

These are all questions I am curious to explore in this digital space, to get to know the women behind the politicians. Do we need to cross off ourselves as individuals to fit a traditional role of what a wife is supposed to be? Do we need to? Are we free to talk and if we say something unpopular, can we affect our husbands’ political influence and a career?

Let’s find out.


Nevena Bridgen

Founder of #TWOW

Nevena Bridgen


Nevena Bridgen is the Founder of The Wives of Westminster. She is an opera singer and a wife of MP Andrew Bridgen.


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